Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October already?

I never realized how fast time can go. I can't believe it's the middle of October. I'm afraid if I don't write or blog then the time when my kids are little will just be one big blur! So here it is! After a year I am finally updating this thing!

Oct. 15, 2009

Spencer got stitches yesterday. He got his middle left finger stuck in the hinges side of the door at school. The tippy top of his finger had to be sewn shut....He was in such agony that I wished I could take the pain for him. If I could have sprouted wings & flown over traffic to get to Sandy's office, I would have! He's ok now. When he got to school today, he was like a celebrity and the girls were famous by association!

Oct. 16, 2009

Our stake roadshow was last night. I know. I know. I thought they didn't do them anymore either. Anyway my friend Amy took this pix of Maddie. She was a flower.

If you've never heard of a roadshow, it's a 15 minute musical that the youth of our church performs that centers around a gospel theme. Our ward's theme was Choosing the Right. The girls were fruit, veggies & flowers from the Garden of Eden. The kids put a lot of time energy into the performance and it really showed when it was time to perform.

  October 17, 2009

We made a quick trip to San Diego for the BYU game. Sandy got tickets in the 9th row! I played with different settings on my camera. I'm sure if I understood the game I would get better shots of the game but whatever they are doing here seemed pretty exciting to everyone so I took a pix. I love my long lens and sports mode!


The Webber's said...

Jen -
Yeah!!! YOu updated your blog!!! The picture of Maddie is gorgeous! What a cute flower! The roadshows sound so fun! How was your trip to San Diego? Sounds fun! Miss you guys!!!

Dee aka "Grandmama" said...


Poor Spencer! I hope his finder mends quickly!

The White family picture is great.
You all look so healthy and happy! Maddie's pic reveals a most charming flower!


Mical said...

EEEK! What a finger!! Maddi felt very sorry for him. How are you guys?